About Me

Roger at Burger King

My name is Roger John Jones. I was born in Flushing Hospital, Flushing, Queens County, NY in November 1946. My proud parents brought me home to Roslyn, Long Island to join my only sibling, an older brother. I lived in Roslyn until sixth grade. Our home was taken by eminent domain to build Long Island Expressway. We moved to Glen Head, NY where I attended junior and senior high school.

I attended college at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken NJ. After graduation I moved to Rochester NY where I worked for Eastman Kodak as an engineer. My life was interrupted by the Vietnam War. I enlisted in the United States Navy Reserve and was commissioned an Ensign. I would ultimately stay in the Reserves for 30 years and retire as a Captain.

Subsequent to my active Navy service I returned to New York City. I then attended Harvard Business School for an MBA. My civilian career spanned many industries: Photographic Products; Public Accounting; Health, Property and Casualty Insurance; Banking; International Grain Trading; Animal Slaughter; and Consulting. I lived in many cities: Hoboken, New Jersey; Rochester, NY; New York City; Washington DC; Boston; St. Louis, Missouri; Sioux City, Iowa; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I helped found several startup ventures, none of which made me a millionaire! The constant in my career was Information Technology.

I have two grown sons and (several) ex-wives.

I live full time and cruise the world on Reboot.

About the picture:

I was in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) waiting to cross the Atlantic Ocean. I was with my friend Andrea. It was the anniversary of my heart surgery. I had five stents inserted, a good thing since one artery was 95% blocked. We decided that we should do something with high cholesterol to celebrate. Hence Burger King!