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The home of Roger and
XO (The Wonder Cat)

This is the web site for Roger J. Jones, Captain, XO ("The Wonder Cat") and Sailboat Reboot (USA 60493)   This web site exists as a holding place for various file downloads, programming projects, and pointers (links) to other software.  For what XO and I are doing on and off Reboot please follow us on our blog at the Sailboat Reboot Blog.

I have gotten back in the mood to program again.  My first project is a logger that will keep track of my location.  Then I will go back to work on the next version of the boat monitoring system.  Now that I am retired this will be my web site.  I have retired www.rjjconsulting.com and moving the sailing and programming related links here.

For further information email roger@sailboatreboot.com